Quality parrot food and parrot toys are what you will find at The Soaring Spirit. We are a parrot supply retail store, as well as a unique Avian boarding facility that is dedicated to promoting enriched lives for companion parrots. Our passion for parrots is shown in the care we provide for our boarding guests, and in the product we stock on our shelves. We carry only the top of the line in foods, toys, cages, and accessories. Only the best will do for your feathered companion.  Some of our items are available online, so feel free to browse our product page.

At The Soaring Spirit, we are happy to dedicate our time and energy to educate the public on proper parrot nutrition and behavior training techniques. If you are in need of advice, please give us a call. We are always glad to help.

The Soaring Spirit is also actively involved with a local rescue/adoption organization. We promote the placement of parrots needing homes through our in-store photo adoption board.

We look forward to seeing you. Or if you prefer, stay at home and shop online for all your avian needs at thesoaringspirit.com!